[Community Release] : Classics tournament reporting including TC

Hi guys, as you may remember about 6 months ago I was working on a classics tournament dashboard, details about that one you can find back in the famous @arbitrage Office Hours :slight_smile: Office Hours: QE Dashboard Walkthrough - YouTube

And also in the original forum post over here:

Since that time not many changes were done on the dashboard (partly due to me and a superbusy social/work life lol). I did notice no TC ranking history is available yet at the numerai site or on other dashboards afaik and I did have some hours left. I updated the dashboard, page(s) ‘Ranking’ ,‘Round Performance’ and ‘Payout’ are probably the most interesting ones when related to the new TC/FncV3 stuff.

For basic instructions check out the youtube video, the link to the powerbi dashboard is:

I will see if I can host the report from a proper https link, but for that I need to setup some hardware stuff first.

The github repo containing the pbi report and source code is still the same:

Its not perfect yet, and also I will see if I can fix the minor issues left in the report and also include more interesting stuff, but its a start :smiley:


Nice work! How many hours did you work on this dashboard total you think including the recent updates? Let us know if you want a retro bounty. I dont know if we ever asked the first time or if you had said no. I dont see chatter from the first post. Maybe this was done right before we started doing the bounty thing

I think maybe in total including the api-code (C#) and powerbi reporting I spend a total of 4 days I guess (including the several hours from the latest change). Don’t worry about the retro bounty though, this one I still do for free (and for fun and educational purposes). Actually we did have the same conversation I remember (at that time the retro bounty stuff was still being setup), :wink: still don’t want to get paid for this community stuff though, especially since it sort of gives me the idea that from now on I need to deliver high-quality stuff and on time, lol for now I will do it on a best-effort basis. But thank you for the offer ofcourse!