Open sourcing my dashboard for Stake PL & Performance Tracking

Dear fam:

I would like to share and completely open source the numerai dashboard I have built over the last 10 months for my personal usage.

Streamlit Cloud link:
Source code: GitHub - yifanxie/numerdash: yet another numerai dashboard

This provides the following

  • Portfolio (i.e. bundles of models) based Stake P/L overview

  • Performance, metrics(TC/Corr/FNCV3), trend tracking and comparison.

It is developed using Streamlit + NumerAPI, and hosted on Streamlit Cloud

Here are some screenshot examples:

Stake Overview

Performance Tracking

Usage Instruction
Should be easy enough to operate, but here is a simple usage instruction

Known issues and some remedies

  • some typos here and there
  • Live rounds P/L could display old values if the browser session was left open overnight - just open a new browser session
  • In the “Stake_type” in live rounds P/L doesn’t have TC yet.
  • Streamlit Cloud reloading every 15 minutes also, sometime cause error - just need refreshing

Feel free to enjoy using it, or even better build on it :slight_smile:

First of all, I want to thank Joe (@ia_ai) for 1) getting me back to the tournament, and 2) bouncing ideas and feedback with me for all these time

  • All the dashboard builders especially @ceunen and @ia_ai for your existing implementations, got lots of inspiration from it.
  • @uuazed and the Numerai team for Numerapi, without it this wouldn’t be possible

Best Regards