Crowdfund ErasureBay


So currently erasurebay is not very active, with the last request in januari this year.
I think there is a precise reaosn why this is the case: a supply & demand issue.

For people to fulfill requests, there needs to be some reaosnable amount of money they can make.
especialyl if it might involve a couple hours of work, 10$ is not enough to warrant the work, and people who want the information know this.

At the same time people are not very used to paying for information, google exists doesn’t it?
A way this could be solved is to make it possible to crowdfund informaiton requests & to make it convenient to share these requests/crowdsourcings. Allowing people to add funds to the request, makes the information bounty higher, raising incentive for people to supply the information, only a couple of crowdfunded requests are needed to get the ball rolling and voila: Value for numeraire

To do this it might be beneficial to contact dimensiondev / mask network, as they’re currently building a crypto gateway directly on top of twitter.

Disclosure: am holder (also NMR ofcourse)

P.S. also posted this on reddit & will post on twitter @erasurebay, @numeraire to get the ball rolling: