[Newbie Question!] Error When Running Example Notebook to Load Data

Hi guys, this is my first time trying to get involved in the numerai tournament.

I have tried and downloaded the example script from the numerai main website.

I was able to download the dataset which is as big as 1 Gigabytes but failed to load it into dataframe.

I installed the required libraries and ran the code below:

napi = NumerAPI()
current_round = napi.get_current_round(tournament=8) # tournament 8 is the primary Numerai Tournament

read in all of the new datas

tournament data and example predictions change every week so we specify the round in their names

training and validation data only change periodically, so no need to download them over again every single week

napi.download_dataset(“numerai_training_data.parquet”, “numerai_training_data.parquet”)

df = pd.read_parquet(‘numerai_training_data.parquet’)

and get the error below:
2021-12-24 07:06:39,275 INFO numerapi.utils: target file already exists
2021-12-24 07:06:39,289 ERROR numerapi.utils: deleting file and restarting
numerai_training_data.parquet: 1.01GB [00:32, 30.9MB/s]

OSError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
7 # training and validation data only change periodically, so no need to download them over again every single week
8 napi.download_dataset(“numerai_training_data.parquet”, “numerai_training_data.parquet”)
----> 9 df = pd.read_parquet(‘numerai_training_data.parquet’)
10 df.head()

7 frames
/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/pyarrow/error.pxi in pyarrow.lib.check_status()

OSError: Corrupt snappy compressed data.

This was executed in google colab (I am using M1 Mac) after I ran pip install on all the requirements (there was some version conflicts highlights but I doubt this is the reason).

Sorry for the long question but would anybody be able to guide me on this?

I really wanted to get started into this journey.

Thank you so much!

*** Edit Note ***
This is resolved by ignoring all the version stated in requirements.txt and just install all of them as latest version.

Why do you think the version conflicts are unrelated?

I remember hearing about some having problems with an error message about a corrupt parquet file a few weeks ago. I don’t know but maybe related?

You could also try asking on the support channel in chat

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Hi Mic,

Thank you for pointing me to the support channel. I will update the thread here if the solution is found.


This is finally resolved after I install all packages to their latest version. Big thanks to shatteredx for the advice!