Different latest tournament rows from diffrent api?

API one:
the code is from:
def download_current_data(directory: str):
Downloads the data for the current round
:param directory: The path to the directory where the data needs to be saved
current_round = NAPI.get_current_round()
if os.path.isdir(f’{directory}/numerai_dataset_{current_round}/’):
print(f"You already have the newest data! Current round is: {current_round}")
print(f"Downloading new data for round: {current_round}!")
NAPI.download_current_dataset(dest_path=directory, unzip=True)
API two:
tournament_data = pd.read_csv(“https://numerai-public-datasets.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/latest_numerai_tournament_data.csv.xz”)

before monday 2:00utc pm, they have differenct rows,but after that time, I download the latest data again ,they are match? cause using API one I tried many times, always got “invilad match ids include the order issue”, can’t be wrong~~;

this is my previous rows difference~~!!!