[Discussion] NumerBay Theme Alternatives

NumerBay’s UI design can use some improvements.

It’s frontend was initially built as a e-commerce platform and uses the Vue Storefront UI library. While this is a well-designed e-commerce theme, its component library and look-and-feel lack when compared to a NFT marketplace instead of traditional e-commerce.

Given the nature of this project and the upcoming decentralization, it would be nice to have a more DeFi-looking theme. Therefore, I would like to present a few alternatives to the community and see which you like best. Options consist of a few open-source projects and a few paid themes.

From a dev perspective my favorite option is Option 3 which is a paid option. It would make adaption easier and faster. However, I would like to know what your favorites are.

I believe adapting an existing theme is more cost effective than designing from scratch. If we can settle on a theme, we can then customize it and adapt it to NumerBay. Subsequently we can also involve UI designers in our community to design specific custom components or pages. If you have other alternatives, please leave your comments. Thanks.

Please vote for your favorites below:

  • Remain current theme
  • Option 1 - [Open Source] - OpenNFT
  • Option 2 - [Open Source] - Decentraland
  • Option 3 - [Paid] - EnftyMart ($599)
  • Option 4 - [Paid] - Novally ($799)
  • Option 5 - [Paid] - iBid ($350)

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Option 1 - [Open Source] - OpenNFT Theme

Option 2 - [Open Source] - Decentraland Theme

Option 3 - [Paid] - EnftyMart Theme

Option 4 - [Paid] - Novally Theme

Option 5 - [Paid] - iBid Theme

Thanks everyone for the inputs, looks like most voted for OpenNFT and EnftyMart.

I will reference OpenNFT’s simplistic theme and complement its lack in presets with the EnftyMart theme. I will proceed with the purchase later this week. I think the templating labor hours saved will more than cover the cost of it, plus we get free tech support.

Would the CoE be fine with this? @jrai @aventurine @surajp