[Poll] NumerBay Theme Purchase

Earlier I made a poll on new NumerBay theme alternatives here. The poll appeared rushed and included a few options that won’t be sufficient on their own when it comes to development.

It has been pointed out by the CoE that it was bad practice and may seem bait-and-switch. I would like to apologize for that. I closed the poll early because there had not been new votes for ~24hrs. I should also have made it more clear that it was a poll on aesthetics and should have made a separate poll on the purchase of the theme with component library.

So here it is, below is the poll and pros-and-cons for the new theme. The poll will be open for 72 hours and will close at Thurs 0000 UTC.

Should CoE fund the purchase of the EnftyMart theme for NumerBay?

  • Yes (Free 6-month support) [$599]
  • Yes (12-month support) [$599+149.63]
  • No

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  • Rich pre-designed components and pages that closely match NumerBay’s existing pages
  • Well documented (passed ThemeForest’s quality check), self-contained and easy to customize
  • Comes with light & dark theme
  • Free support for 6 months (can opt for 12 month support for additional $149.63)
  • Will save >> 10 hrs of labor for making existing components and pages from scratch


  • Not free


  • I DO NOT benefit directly from the purchase of the theme (cashback, etc.).
  • I DO benefit from the subsequent labor for migrating to the new theme once it’s purchased.
  • The open sourced themes from the previous thread are not feasible on their own as they do not provide me with enough materials to work with and are not well documented. I also lack the skill for CSS / aesthetic design if a lot of pages need to be built from scratch.

Since a lot of people including myself also liked the simplistic theme of OpenNFT, I will take it into consideration when designing pages.

Thanks for your trust and sorry again for the drama.

Hi why a new theme? Is it to make Numerbay look nice?

@mic Yes, during the CoE Spaces chat @slyfox pointed out the site should look nicer. In a few other occasions some also suggested similar. In the previous poll on this topic it was also quite clear that a new theme is preferred over existing.

The existing theme looks nice compared to a typical e-commerce site but not so much against a DeFi/NFT site.

If you prefer remain existing, you can vote “No” above.

The dark mode option with this theme will be a big improvement, and being a good fit for the current architecture is a bonus too as shoe horning ill fitting themes can be quite a chore, and an ongoing one when it comes to theme updates.

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This purchase request has been approved by the CoE (Yes with 6 month support). Thanks everyone for the input and CoE for the patience. Apologies again for my flop on the polls.

Here’s my plan for the near term:

  1. Start working on the theme change, and release when it gets close to feature parify with the existing frontend;
  2. In the mean time, start a discussion thread to gather ideas for direct staking contract;
  3. After (1.) finishes, explore L2 NMR payment using custom wallets;
  4. After (3.) finishes, explore multi-product purchase and ensemble use cases