Elder Voting (Election #1)

Voting is multiple choice, non-ranked. Vote for a minimum of 5 or a maximum of 7 candidates. Voting will be open for two weeks and closes on 5/9/2021 at 15:00 UTC. Results are hidden until the voting period is closed.

Top 7 candidates by raw total vote count will be added to the multisig (councilofelders.eth).

See this thread for Elder candidate introductions.

Instructions: Due solely to Discourse poll limitations, we’ve had to split the poll into two pools. There is no difference between the candidates in these two pools. You should vote for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 candidates across both pools combined. You must hit vote on both pools

Select multiple candidates, max of 7 across both pools combined (Pool 1/2)
  • aelizzybeth
  • ageonsen
  • arbitrage
  • bensch
  • hb
  • ia_ai_Joe
  • joakim
  • jordi
  • jrAI
  • jrb

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Select multiple candidates, max of 7 across both pools combined (Pool 2/2)
  • lackofintelligence
  • mandelliant
  • OF_S
  • omnianalytics
  • perfect_fit
  • skyn3t
  • surajp
  • themicon
  • uki1
  • uuazed
  • wacax

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Votes remain anonymous when results are shown I assume.

could the candidates with models that don’t match their user names list some/all of them? i’d like to factor this into my votes.

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I checked the checkboxes and hit the Vote now! buttons. Hopefully it worked … ??? I understand not showing the results, but I don’t know if my vote was accepted or if I accidentally voted twice (sorry if I did).