Error when reading in validation parquet file


I started to encounter this error recently using the same code. Did anything change for the validation parquet file?

validation_example_preds = pd.read_parquet(‘example_validation_predictions.parquet’)
PyDev console: starting.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\JetBrains\PyCharm Community Edition 2021.2.3\plugins\python-ce\helpers\pydev_pydevd_bundle\”, line 3, in Exec
exec(exp, global_vars, local_vars)
File “”, line 1, in
File “C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs\py38\lib\site-packages\pandas\io\”, line 495, in read_parquet
File “C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs\py38\lib\site-packages\pandas\io\”, line 239, in read
result = self.api.parquet.read_table(
File “C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs\py38\lib\site-packages\pyarrow\”, line 1905, in read_table
dataset = _ParquetDatasetV2(
File “C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs\py38\lib\site-packages\pyarrow\”, line 1711, in init
[fragment], schema=fragment.physical_schema,
File “pyarrow_dataset.pyx”, line 978, in pyarrow._dataset.Fragment.physical_schema.get
File “pyarrow\error.pxi”, line 143, in pyarrow.lib.pyarrow_internal_check_status
File “pyarrow\error.pxi”, line 99, in pyarrow.lib.check_status
pyarrow.lib.ArrowInvalid: Could not open Parquet input source ‘’: Parquet magic bytes not found in footer. Either the file is corrupted or this is not a parquet file.

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I get the same error on this weeks training data. I hope someone can fix this before the round closes.

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a workaround is to comment all lines related to the validation dataset - if there is no change for the model.

But i do wish someone could fix it asap to test any further model changes.

Remove the files and download them again. After a couple of times, the problem was solved in my case. Maybe a glitch?

thanks. it works after repeating this a few times.

I had the same experience. After deleting the previously downloaded file, re-running the exact same code executed without error. I hope that somebody will look into this, since it could be a significant burden for automatic submission.

I also had same trouble then fixed already. However I experienced from last round.
Anyone know why happen at last round?

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