Feature Needed: comments for model

Numerai, can we request a feature to add some description and/or comments fields for every model, which is visible to model owner only.

As creating multiple models with different backend data model being loaded, some time i lose track which back end model was submitted.


They do show the file name for the current submission, could you code it into that?

File name won’t be enough. And it will be replaced after new file being submitted. Btw, remove nmr from one mode take 4 weeks. It is easy to load new model to existing account rather than transfer nmr between accounts. Having some fields for notes purpose will help traders to track changes.

Tags would be nice too.

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While I don’t think it’s all that bad an idea, I think Numerai has done a very good job at keeping a clear boundary between its needs and information relating to users’ models. Encouraging users to place notes about their models on the Numerai system could be seen as blurring that separation.

There are many ways for users to track this information themselves, from simple note taking to spreadsheets to personal databases. Doing so would help maintain that separation.

So rather than request Numerai to do this, perhaps it would be more worthwhile for users to talk about how they do this for themselves?


You may not have noticed, that you can change your model’s name at any time. If you want that name to hold some secret info, you’ll still have record the codebook on your own computer or cocktail napkins.