Introducing Queued Submissions & Submission Statuses

Queued Submissions

Models across all tournaments can now queue a submission for the next round. Whether or not the model has an on-time submission, it can now upload a late submission that will be automatically queued to be an on-time submission for the next round.

At the start of each new round (from round 452 onwards), queued submissions from the previous round are automatically converted to on-time submissions for the new round. You can then overwrite this on-time submission as normal if you choose.

Possible FAQs

  • What happens if I already have on-time submissions?

    • Your most recent late submission is queued for the next round and is ignored otherwise.
  • What happens if I have no submissions for a round, then submit late?

    • Your most recent late submission is treated normally (it will have all non-TC scores calculated) and is also considered queued for next round. Eventually we will stop scoring late submissions and only treat them as queued.
  • What happens if I make multiple late submissions?

    • Only your most recent late submission is considered to be queued, so all other late submissions will be ignored.

Submission Statuses

In support of Queued Submissions, we also released a new website feature that displays basic information about each of your models recent submissions. You can find it in the models page on both the overview and submissions tables as shown here:

Here is an example of how to get this data from our GraphQL API:

Example query:

query account {
  account {
    models {
      latestSubmissions {

Example Response:

  "data": {
    "account": {
      "models": [
          "latestSubmissions": [
              "filename": null,
              "roundClose": "2023-03-30",
              "roundCloseStaking": "2023-03-29",
              "roundNumber": 451,
              "roundOpen": "2023-03-29",
              "status": "none",
              "timestamp": null
              "filename": "numerai_example_predictions_data-TurVb05zpZGr.csv",
              "roundClose": "2023-03-29",
              "roundCloseStaking": "2023-03-28",
              "roundNumber": 450,
              "roundOpen": "2023-03-28",
              "status": "on-time",
              "timestamp": "2023-03-28T13:12:59Z"
              "filename": "numerai_example_predictions_data-xCS8SjRTdJTy.csv",
              "roundClose": "2023-03-28",
              "roundCloseStaking": "2023-03-27",
              "roundNumber": 449,
              "roundOpen": "2023-03-25",
              "status": "on-time",
              "timestamp": "2023-03-25T15:12:28Z"
          "tournament": 8,
          "username": "integration_test"

Hi @numerark, looks good, I assume that the time-window can still shift depending on whether or not your data providers are on-time and your pipelines have no issues? And anything outside of the 1-hour window will be considered a late submission?

Yes that’s correct, for the weekend anything after 14:00 UTC Monday is considered late and for weekdays anything outside of the 1-hour window (starting no earlier than 13 UTC) is considered late.

Is that possible to carry over predictions made during weekend (the Monday submission) for 4 more daily rounds? So that data scientists who prefer to make submission at weekends only can have their predictions automatically copied into the daily rounds in weekdays?


We have discussed offering this support for signals, but at this point we are confident that submissions older than 1 round will be significantly less useful to the Meta Model.