Scoring of submitted prediction under different model

hi all, i have loaded two prediction result in two different models. after couple days, i saw first one model get some daily score, like CORR /MMC, but nothing for second one. does it mean we only provide score for first model ?

They send an email with the title:

“Numerai submission accepted - {YOUR_MODEL_NAME} | Round {ROUND_NO}”

If you have that email then the models submission was successful. If you don’t have it then your submission wasn’t successful, and that’d explain why you don’t have scores.

If you only submitted your submissions for your second model this week, then it’d be the scores weren’t out yet. We submit with a deadline of 2:30pm UTC Monday, but the scores for the latest round submitted don’t come out until Thursday at around 6pm UTC. The scores for the latest round are out now, so you should see them now if that was the issue.

yes. i find my score yesterday. thanks for the reply.