[Milestone] NumerBay On-Platform Sales Beta

NumerBay (https://numerbay.ai/) on-platform sales is now live for beta! Thanks to the continued support from the CoE and everyone interested in this project.

DISCLAIMER: NumerBay on-platform feature is in beta and may have unexpected issues. You are advised not to make big transactions. Neither Numerai nor NumerBay will be liable for any loss incurred.

If you don’t know about NumerBay, it is the community marketplace funded by the Numerai Council of Elders. You can refer to the threads at the bottom of this post for history.

For issue reporting and feature requests, please feel free to post in the #numerbay channel in rocket chat or DM me.

Another thread on future feaures and voting will be posted later this week.

What is on-platform sales?
The initial version of NumerBay only supported linking to listings on third-party platforms and sellers have to self-manage file distributions. Buyers also needed to pay fees to external platforms.

With this new release, sellers can now opt to list their Numerai product artifacts (predictions csv, model notebooks, etc.) natively on NumerBay which allows them to receive payments in NMR and distribute files to buyers (and even to automate this process using the REST API endpoints). Buyers can now make payments to sellers directly without a rent-seeking middleman. And thanks to the support from the Numerai team, NMR transactions from Numerai wallets are currently gas-free.

IMPORTANT: Currently, buyers must only initiate transactions from their Numerai wallets, transactions from other wallets will not be acknowledged.

Demo walkthroughs
[Placeholder for demo video]

Know issues and temporary workarounds

  1. Round rollover timing can vary week-to-week. Transactions too close to submission deadline may have issues with conrfirmation and artifact upload/download. In future, activities will be disabled close to the submission deadline until rollover completes. [Workaround: don’t buy products or download too close to the submission deadline]
  2. Related to 1. Orders made immediately after the submission deadline for the next round might still be counted towards the previous round and will be considered expired once rollover happens. This will be fixed soon together with 1. [Workaround: don’t buy products for the next round immediately after the submission deadline of previous round. You can check whether a round rollover has happened by checking the “round” number in any product page]
  3. There was a rare issue with payment transaction timestamp, probably a fault with my local machine or external system. Sometimes when a payment is made too quickly the payment timestamp ends up being before the order creation time. The exact cause has not been identified yet. [Workaround: After making an order, wait about 30 seconds before making payment through your Numerai wallet]
  4. Email notifications are disabled as they are autoflagged by the current email provider as spam. This will be available as soon as the provider issue gets resolved.

Past threads
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Project Updates

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Dev Updates and Feature Releases
See #numerbay channel in rocket chat

Thank you and happy sailing on NumerBay :slight_smile: