[New Feature] NumerBay Multi-option Pricing

NumerBay (https://numerbay.ai/) now supports multi-option pricing.

DISCLAIMER: NumerBay is in beta and may have unexpected issues. This is NOT an official Numerai project. Neither Numerai nor NumerBay will be liable for any loss.

For issue reporting and feature requests, please feel free to post in the #numerbay channel in rocket chat or DM me.

What is Multi-option Pricing?
Previously listings on NumerBay can only be sold one round at a time at a fixed price. With the new pricing scheme, sellers can offer buyers more flexible options such as bundling sales for multiple rounds (prepaid subscriptions), making volume discounts, setting different prices for different modes, etc.

Please note the following:

  1. The “Price” field for each option refers to the total for that option, not the equivalent unit price per round. Total price for any option still needs to be above 1 NMR. Duplicated price is not allowed.
  2. Mixed on/off-platform listing is allowed. However, the first option is the default for display to buyers.
  3. Please remember to save the pricing option first before saving the listing form.
  4. NumerBay does not yet send out weekly reminders to upload artifacts. Sellers need to remember to do so if they have active subscriptions
  5. [Number of Rounds for Order] = [Pricing Option Bundled Quantity] x [Order Quantity] (E.g. a buyer who bought 3 of “2 x file @ 1.5000 NMR” option needs to pay 3 x 1.5 = 4.5 NMR, the order will be active for 3 x 2 = 6 rounds)
  6. Duplicated purchase is not allowed, this also applies to active multi-round orders. If a buyer bought a subscription of 2 rounds, they can only make a new order for that product after the order completes in 2 weeks.

New Listing Form

New Multi-round Order Info Display

New Catalog Display
Buyer can select the pricing option in the dropdown, and set the quantity of that option to buy.

New Product Display
A new “From the same seller” section has been added

New Payment Summary Page

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Third Milestone

Dev Updates and Feature Releases
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Thank you and happy sailing on NumerBay :slight_smile:

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