Newbie with some mini tourney thoughts

Greetings, newbie here.

Got 3 models in monitor mode. Might stake 1 next week.

Anyway, had some thoughts on the growing stakes and my horizon looking a bit bleaker due to future diminished payouts %. Not that I would have any anyway, but you know…

Have you had or entertained any private round robin / last man standing mini tourneys. Would take some money out of the pool and let the big kahunas prove their stuff. Twist is Numerai could benefit with owning some physical/tangible assets above and beyond the pool committed brain trust.

Just some thoughts…(no idea on appetite or practicality, and more for the gamblers…)

  1. Say 20 private invitees. Numerai could pick best in class, best since period ‘x’, whatever.
  2. Numerai presents them with a sample model (python+r) that has had quite a bit of tuning and dialing in before being presented.
  3. All players must commit ‘?’ say 25 NMR to a pool each.
  4. All players begin with that model and ‘do their magic’ once, each week, whatever they choose.
  5. Same weekly submission schedule like big pool. Pool contest runs 4 weeks total, with 4 submissions , however only measured out 1 week each (for drops / kicks sake)
  • You are out if you drop below the aggregated averaged corr score.
  • You are out if your mmc drops below 0.
  • You are out if you submit vanila model without tweaks.
  • You are out if you miss any submission.
  1. Last man/men standing split pot at end of 4th week / outcome.
  2. Kicker - Numerai benefit comes in in that they could offer to buy the best tweaked models from the winner(s). They then own the new tweaked brain, and up to 4 weeks of tracking. Bounty for your efforts above pool win. You can choose not to sell and just move on with maybe that as one of your tourney models.
  3. Each new tournament would likely approach a new methodology (gxb/linear/hybrid/?) as the basis or simply roll the one they bought forward for another round and possible improvements.
    (lots of other things to think thru, but you get the gist)

Just some thoughts to get the bigger players to maybe move some money out of big pool into a finer, more direct competitive contest. No cost to Numerai other than management of process and if they want to buy the asset.

Best of luck to all.