Node Config Error

I am trying to config a new node using numerai cli.

The (sample) code I am running goes like this:
C:\Models\model_a> numerai node config -s mem-lg -p C:\Models\model_a

The error (in red font) that I am getting is as follows :
No tournament 8 model with name “model_a” found in list of models:
Here is a list of my models with format mode_name: mode_id
(use the “-s” flag for signals model)
I can’t deploy any new model. Running “numerai doctor” shows me no errors, everything is set up correctly.


Hey @rdugh,

Sorry about the confusion here. There are actually 2 -s flags that can be used in different parts of the command, the -s flag you’re using is actually for the size of the node, you’ll need to add a -s before “config” like so:

numerai node -s config -s mem-lg -p [path/to/code]

Also, apologies for the delay in my response, if you would like faster support I’d recommend heading over to our discord.

Hope this helps,

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