Nominations for two open Council of Elders seats (Oct 10 through Oct 20, 2023)

Please nominate your fellow participants to take over one of the two open seats on the Council of Elders currently occupied by ‘arbitrage’ and ‘TheMicon’. Nominated participants must accept their nominations in this thread as well to be included in the poll that we will conduct on Numerbay. For reference, checkout the nominees in the last election: Nominations for open Council of Elders seat (June 21 through June 28, 2022)

Nominations will be open from Oct 10 through Oct 20 at midnight UTC. Voting will last one week after the close of nominations.

Current nominations and responses
correlator declined
bigbertha (gbrecht) accepted
degerhan declined
gammarat declined
jefferythewind declined
ia_ai accepted
joakim declined
jrai declined
murkyautomata declined
nyuton declined
quantverse declined
restrading declined
studym8 accepted
wigglemuse accepted


I’d like to nominate (in alphabetical order):

nevermind, best of luck to all!

I nominate @wigglemuse, @shatteredx, @bigbertha, @nyuton, and @joakim

Thank you for the nomination. I respectfully decline.

I nominate:
@ia_ai (ia_ai_Joe)
surajp (edit: just realized surajp is already an elder)

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I accept my nomination (gBrecht on discord and account/model name, bigbertha only in forum)


I nominate:

@gammarat - great recent write-up on genetic algorithms, has a lot of smart thoughts and ideas, would love to hear them more and more often
@nyuton - not highly active recently (maybe because there is still no incentive for high quality data science posts? :sweat_smile:), but I really liked older model ideas and project initiatives
@surajp - can’t nominate an elder, sorry, but since this comment has transformed into a shoutouts post: love following your work on transformers, would love to read more on that. Also, I have yet to look into your signals work but kudos on that too! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @numerologist, but I’m too old and erratic to contribute much on a regular basis…

Hey fam, thanks again for the nomination (this is the third time IIRC). I accept my nomination :pray:

At the same time, I would also like to nominate Peter (@studym8) who has been organizing local community events (even before we visited Toronto) and creating educational content (e.g. YouTube videos & NumerWki).

Regardless of the election results, I will continue to work on community events and tools like my dashboard.

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I am honored to see my name here, but I have to respectfully decline. Too busy with other things now, I would not be able to promise the sufficient amount of time and effort I could allocate to this.

Thanks for the nomination, but I would like to respectfully decline due to conflict of interest and other commitments.

Thanks for the nomination, but I’ll respectfully decline.

just waiting for somebody to disrespectfully decline


Thanks for the nomination!
I can’t accept it. I unstaked recently and I’m watching events from the sidelines…

Thanks for the nomination Joe! I accept.


Ok, I mulled it over. I accept.


Thanks for the nomination. I respectfully decline. I won’t have time to do it justice and I think there are many others who I think would do a much better job. Cheers.

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