[Proposal] Around the World with Numeratis


NumerCon and the time I spent with my fellow Numeratis were the exact “booster jab” I needed to wake the “meetup organizer Joe” up after two crazy years of COVID and hibernation in a man cave. After NumerCon, I am confident that 1) many countries are now ready for in-person tech events and 2) we need to bring this fantastic in-person experience to more Numeratis around the world.

So, fam, here is my proposal for Global Numerai Community Meetups.


  • Demystifying Numerai - many top data scientists out there are just not too sure about the crypto elements and/or the tournament format. Speaking with and listening to long-term participants can be an effective way to build trust. This was exactly how I learned to trust Numerai after watching Jon’s Office Hours with Arbitrage.
  • Knowledge sharing and brainstorming - although we may not share all our secret sauce, meetups are great opportunities to bounce ideas off each other and may lead to new models with crazily high TC.
  • Face-to-face discussions between Numeratis and Numerai team - a lot more than just asking the team “wen scores” in person, these events can provide a quick and direct feedback loop for both participants and the Numerai team.


  • Main objective - meetups with talks from community members + the participation of CoE and/or Numerai team members
  • Secondary objective - workshops
  • Nice to have - mini unconferences (see Unconference - Wikipedia)

Costs (depend on location)

First Few Steps

  • Create multiple groups (e.g. London Numeratis, Tokyo Numeratis) on meetup.com
  • Plan and announce the first few meetups in 2022 ASAP (we can pick the first few locations based on my old dashboard users’ data and vote on them)
  • Call for speakers
  • Promote meetups both internally (rocket.chat/forum) and externally (social media)

My Background

  • I have organized 100+ similar tech events (meetups/workshops/conferences) for work in 40+ cities from 2016 to early 2020. (See Jo-fai Chow - Senior Data Science Evangelist - H2O.ai | LinkedIn)
  • [Bonus fact] I stopped traveling for events in March 2020 due to COVID. I got bored at home and accidentally stumbled upon some Office Hours with Arbitrage videos. The rest is history.

[Optional] Gamification / Rewards

  • Numerai swag for meetup participants (recommended)
  • NFTees for event organizers and speakers (motivation moon high!)

Love it. Lets do it! One vote yes from me here


Sure we need it! Not everyone can fly around the globe for NumerCon.


perhaps travel expenses should also be provided for speakers - if in person?
Love the idea, bring it on :slight_smile:

Sure thing. Proposal updated :ok_hand: