Around the World with Numeratis: Survey for Upcoming Events

Hello everyone!

We’re reaching out to gather anonymous data on your location, which will greatly assist us in planning future Numerai community events. Your support in providing this information would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Here is the Google form:

Kind regards,
ia_ai_Joe (on behalf of the Numerai Council of Elders)



I would suggest breaking US into multiple regions – SFO may as well be on a different continent for someone living in Boston (e.g., London is actually a shorter flight). Most organizations divide their US presence around six regions centered around: NYC, ATL, ORD, IAH, SEA, SFO.


Sure, I will do that in the second stage (i.e. regions for top n countries from the first stage)

Forse sono l’unico a partecipare dall’Italia? Mi piacerebbe vedervi qui a Milano!

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2023-11-27 Survey Results Snapshot

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You can find the latest survey results from my Shiny Numerati dashboard now:

Shiny Numerati → Community Event → Survey Results

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2024-01-03 Update:

Hey Fam, Happy New Year :partying_face: Let’s get the ball rolling again!

Key Updates

  • Confirmed Event: San Francisco (Jan 16) - Event Link
  • Action Required: Germany/Spain in March/April (we need your feedback - see the poll below)

Survey Results

Thanks all for your feedback so far. Here is the latest snapshot:

SF Meetup (Jan)

Based on the results, we have decided to host our first 2024 event in the US. Since Dylan (@unsentient) has been hosting regular Numerai events in San Francisco, we are planning to gate-crash his party at Noisebridge :laughing:. @surajp and @aventurine from the CoE will be there. For more information, check out the meetup page here.

Germany/Spain Meetup (Mar/Apr)

For the second meetup, we are planning to host it in either Germany or Spain (as we have already done Toronto and London). That’s why we need your feedback again:

  • First poll: Here are the top five cities in each country by population. Do comment below if you have other suggestions.
  • Second poll: Here are some options in March and April around the school holidays.

Note: multiple choices are allowed in both polls

Here you go :pray:

Poll 1 - City (note: you can choose up to 10 cities)
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Cologne
  • Frankfurt
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Seville
  • Bilbao

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Poll 2 - Date (note: you can choose up to 8 options)
  • Saturday 2024-03-09
  • Sunday 2024-03-10
  • Saturday 2024-03-16
  • Sunday 2024-03-17
  • Saturday 2024-04-20
  • Sunday 2024-04-21
  • Saturday 2024-04-27
  • Sunday 2024-04-28

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Hey fam, thanks for all the feedback :pray:

We have decided to host the next event in Frankfurt.

ICYMI, here is the link Numerai Community Frankfurt Meetup Tickets, Sat 27 Apr 2024 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

See you there!