[Proposal] Writing Medium Article(or guest writing for the Newseltter) A Numerbay Walkthrough and How To Guide for buyers

Proposal: I think we can all agree that @restrading and the building of the Numerbay marketplace has been one of the highlights and the largest project of the CoE proposals so far. I think at this point in time someone should take a bounty and get a medium article together to show a walkthrough of the website and a how-to-guide from start to finish how to buy files and get them submitted(at a level where someone with low or no numerai knowledge can participate). This article would be geared NOT from a listing and selling standpoint but from the buy side with On and Off platform examples.

Timeline: I have a document that has already been written by me for my listings on how to set up account and model etc I am willing to shoot over to whoever wants the bounty if approved that can be edited and sort of the intro portion. The person who takes this proposal would just have to do the walkthrough and guide. Does not have to be a super quick turnaround. Maybe a couple weeks.

Best case outcome: A thorough article that explains how to get started and an increase of buying activity on numerbay

Worst case outcome: No increase in participation

Funding required, if any: An article of this magnitude I think could take around 10 writing hours to complete so around $500 at the 50 per hour rate.


Thanks. I welcome this proposal. I hope to be able to coordinate with the writer on publishing timing, as I think there’s some usability improvements needed before the general public gets involved.

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Sounds good. Maybe we can get the CoE approval thing going on and if they approve we can see if anyone is willing to get it going. Im sure me or you would be able to do it but It would be cool to see some other participants get into helping out the DAO. By then maybe it would be time to at least start getting something together.