Rocketchat Down? Again?

Is Rocketchat working for everyone else? I saw the message that some maintenance was done last night, but since then I’ve not been able to get it open and running. I’ve tried different browsers but all I get is a black screen with the “scrolling dots” in the middle of the page.

Anyone else having the same problem?


Same for me (message must be at least 20 chars)

Yeah, they did maintenance, then he said it was finished and it was fine then, but about half a hour later it was down and apparently down since. I think it might load in if you wait long enough, but basically useless at the moment, yeah.

Apologies everyone. We resized out Rocketchat instance but the new SKU seems is running out of memory after the change. Reprovisioning with more beef this time.

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Still not working, not really. (Loads in now, but not actually useable.)

Bumped the instance size again.

Still no luck, keeps hanging after a couple of clicks. (And all images in posts seem to be not there, won’t load.)