RocketChat Down again?

RocketChat is not loading on web and mobile for me, anyone else?

Not working for us too, looking into it now

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I’ve been getting the sense that a single person (for instance, me) can cause it to go down (at least for a few minutes) just by attempting to look at certain things. Been like that ever since it got re-provisioned or whatever – like I try to look at some old image in the memes channel (which it doesn’t load), and then instantly the whole site becomes unresponsive and won’t load for 5+ minutes even if I close down the browser or use a different one.

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@slyfox my compute webhook for the main tournament which accepts POST requests has not been triggered yet.

@wigglemuse I posted a meme image and then it went down, so I guess you are right

I actually saw your image there, but then I saw the one from before it (weeks old) that says “how to optimize for tc” but it has never shown me that one – will never load. So I clicked on that old one again to give it another try, and it got stuck. Then a minute later I look in here and you’re saying it is down for you as well. Seems like I did it. (Same thing has happened every other time I’ve tried to look at that meme, but then it comes back after a few minutes I guess. But if you posting that caused multiple people to click on it, well then who knows? Or it is just a coincidence.)

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Yeah i actually do think its something to do with images. Need to debug further.

As for compute webhooks, yep the triggers were delayed a bit, we bumped the submission deadline by 30 minutes

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You could also look at the scoring system as well. It look broken as well.

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yes yes looking now!

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So RC used to store images/uploads inside mongodb until my latest upgrade which stores uploads on local disk. A user scrolling #memes history could trigger a swath of old mongodb image requests that subsequently slows RC to a halt.

Looking into migrating all images out of mongo…