Scores do not always update daily

Accordingly to the documentation the various scores should be updated every day, except for Sundays and Mondays. However there is often a delay of few days. Why is that?


There have been no missed days – look at any model and click through to see the daily scores and they are all there. This is probably just a display bug.

1 Like has not missed a scoring days for a lot of years! “3 days ago” - is a round to days times since last scores arrived (close to 3 days than to 2 days)

So it always says 3+ days? (It says 4 days now). I never really noticed but it seems like I would have. It’s confusing in any case (if correct) – I don’t understand what it refers to. It’s not just stuck/broken?

Scores have been delayed for the past few days, perhaps when they did re-runs from failed scoring pipelines somehow the timestamp didn’t get updated.