Why all my model scores started from -0.1?

Hi guys,

All my submissions started from -0.1. The first model I submitted was from the tutorial notebook so I thought it was because the late submisssion. But the models I submitted in time last week were all started from -0.1 as well. Is it expected please?

Many thanks,

Guessing you’re looking at your mean CORR score on the leaderboard? That’s your weighted average CORR over the last 20 rounds, if you miss a round, it counts as -0.1, so if you start a new account the 20 previous rounds before its creation count as -0.1. Here are your scores by round which you can see are much higher than -0.1


I feel like this could be made clearer though as this isn’t very obvious when you start. I thought my models were doing terribly at first too until I realised

That makes sense, thanks bro. So it’s expected to start from -0.1 for a new model I guess. I misunderstood the “missing round” as I thought as long as you submit on time you won’t get penalized and your score should go from 0… The reputation score really frastrated me for a while…