Searching partner

Hi there ,

I am searching partner who I can work on weekly basis .
Anyone interested ?

Cheers ,



Hi! What kind of partner are you looking for? I can think of three very different kinds.

A) someone to develop with, share ideas, learn how to compete on numerai
B) someone to stake your NMR on their predictions
C) someone to stake their NMR on your predictions

or something else? also, welcome to Numerai!

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Hi @liz , in general cooperative partner .
I allready have a set of arround 100 methods of feature engineering that could worht trying to test them on this tournaments C) is not the case because I will get my own numeraire dont need someone else crypto.
You interested to team up ?

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I would love to chat, though I would only commit to team with someone I’ve known for a bit :slight_smile: I’m on the rocketchat if you ever want to chat.

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I’ve actually been thinking about teaming up with regards to a multi stage inference approach as of interest. If you have good feature engineering, and I have good analysis of features (which I have over the last few weeks at least - my models haven’t been running for long) then potentially a collaboration could be better than the sum of its parts.

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Hi @liz my email address is . Drop me a message there , I could make a slack channel where to chat , also not fammiliar with rocketchat , but could send me an invite via my email ?
Tnks ,

rocketchat is where numerai modelers get together to chat. is the website :slight_smile: I am ‘aelizzybeth’ there, see you on rocketchat!