Suggestions for undergraduate of quantitative finance

Hi all, I have a friend who recently enrolled in an undergraduate quantitative finance program. In order to secure a better job in the current market, he needs some suggestions for additional free online courses he can take. Please help by sharing any advice. Thank you in advance.

Why would he take free online courses when’s already taking classes at university? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

He really needs to focus on his coursework and getting an A in every class.

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In addition to studying and earning top marks, your friend should talk to professors about undergraduate research projects and get one. Presenting research at conferences is a great way to meet future colleagues. Your friend needs to focus on meeting new people and getting known in the field as much as he does his coursework.

Your friend should also consider a graduate degree, but not a doctorate. In grad school, expanding the network of colleagues will be a huge help in securing excellent employment opportunities. A doctorate is a great way to overtrain yourself into unemployment. He should try for a top tier graduate business program like Stanford or others.


I am big fan of Kaggle: Your Home for Data Science. There are also some free courses there Learn Python, Data Viz, Pandas & More | Tutorials | Kaggle, but main advantage is in solving real world problems in Kaggle Competitions. There you can learn a lot from best practitioners and also from a generally very supportive community. Also, should you your friend succeed in Kaggle Progression System and achieve Grandmaster level, he will have real advantage on the job market.


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