TC inconsistency between frontend and API


I can’t deal with some inconsistency I found between the data presented on the front-end and the data available in the API.

The items marked in yellow match, while the TC has a different value in the API.

I found many such TC glitches for rounds below 336 era.
This spoils the results of my long-term tests of the model. Any idea what is the problem here?

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Interesting. Was your payout actually negative for that round? If you look at the round page for 326 (Numerai), it shows the two positive values for both corr & tc yet the negative payout. What’s real? (I’d bring this up in support over on rocketchat to get some attention.)

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I can see the same TC inconsistency for my models from round 335 back. Payout match

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Hey all, thanks for bringing this to our attention, I looked into this and found the inconsistency that @kowalot reported is related to a backfill for 60d TC I did a while back. The values shown by v3UserProfile (and the round detail page that mlivako shows) are from this backfill, so this is a display issue and did not affect the final payout.

This is why @kowalot sees positive corr/TC but negative payout, in reality round 326 the 20d TC used for paying out pl18_piorun was -0.05083876272117207 which would explain the negative payout.

I’ll be deleting these excess scores to bring these displays in line with reality.

@kowalot I’ve sent your model pl18_piorun a .1 NMR bounty for finding the bug, thanks again for reporting!

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Thx!!! Can you also confirm the fix to the API results (v3UserProfile/ roundModelPerformances)? I still see positive TC for round 326.

These should be patched now, thank you for your patience!

Thanks!!! Yep I see it.