How is my stake distributed?

Suppose I staked 10 NMR on my round 261. Then round 262 comes along, and I make a prediction on it, without removing my 10 NMR stake.

So how much of my 10 NMR is riding on round 261’s outcome, and how much on 262’s? If you can tell me, please also tell me where you found that info. Thanks!

262 will also have 10 NMR staked on it, found here:

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You seem to be saying, that without taking any more NMR out of my wallet: 10 NMR are staked on 261, and another 10 NMR are staked on 262. Can that be right?

I am saying it is the same 10 NMR, not another 10 NMR, just like in the image above where the same 100 NMR is staked on weeks 1:4.

Okay, I think I get it: payouts are added, or burns subtracted, for each round (up to 4 of them) that my 10 NMR is staked on. Thanks!