Tokenomics, where staked NMR comes from


I see that the NMR at stake is increasing quickly, which is good.

What’s even more interesting for the future of NMR is, how much of this increase comes from payouts and how much is newly purchased and staked NMR. Obviously the payout comes from Numerai and it doesn’t increase demand or decrease supply. Newly purchased and staked NMR does.

So I did some calculations based on the data available through the api.
You can find the details here:


Also wanted to figure out how many data scientists work behind these models. I couldn’t find a way to link models to users, so I just counted the models with >1NMR stake. That eliminates all models, which got some free NMR at the beginning.

Please check out the notebook for more details


This is very interesting. Could you do the same plot for signals?

Here it goes for Signals:

Alltogether it looking good!
12% of the total circulating suppy is being utilized for staking at Numerai and it’s generating USD profit (for the fund).
Over the inspected timeframe >3% of the supply was purchased for staking (without payouts)

If you compare it to bitcoin and others, which don’t have much utility at all ( holding and speculative trading is not a utility)…

More people and NMR are flocking to signals, while the tournament is stable. Despite the lowering payout ratio, people are not withdrawing their NMR.


Very interesting. Thank you!

thanks for the awesome information.

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