Transfering NMRs from original tournament models to Signals models

Currently, we have to wait 5 weeks when we transfer NMRs from original tournament models to Signals models. Can we transfer staked NMRs between models immediately or within a week? I feel 5 weeks are too long. One week of wait time would be great. The 5-week period makes me to hesitate to transfer NMRs to Signals.
So can you shorten the wait time?

This would align with Numerai’s intention to encourage participants to increase their stakes in Signals.
Thank you so much.

Should it be done at real time ? An API call to transfer digital currency from one sub account to another ? Or it was handled manually ?

I would prefer less time for NMR lockup but it looks to me like it is tied to the smart contracts and how the main tournament is scored every four weeks

That makes sense. A contract is a contract. Thanks for the explanation.