Upoload issues on both python and website

Facing issues when trying to upload the predictions file.
If i use the python , I am getting error “OverflowError: string longer than 2147483647 bytes”
and if i directly to upload it is giving endpoint timeout error.

Can somebody help.

How is your predictions file formatted? Does it match the example predictions CSV?

Two things worth checking.

  1. File size. Is your predictions file in excess of 2GB? As a guide, my prediction files have 1687617 lines for round 258 and with ~16 dp precision and are around 60MB.

  2. What is your line break sequence? I’d normally use \n but use \r\n as I think that’s what the example file had. If manually writing the lines, mistakes such as accidentally escaping the \, using / instead or having no newline sequence at all would break import. If you’re on a Unix environment or have cygwin installed on Windows, you could do an od -c of the file to easily check.

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I am using the correct break sequence but my file is coming to 2.3 GB .
Am i doing something wrong at a very basic level ??

The minimum submission would be a row with an id and a prediction corresponding to each id on rows marked as live in the tournaments file. There are 5431 rows for era 258. You can also include predictions for other rows, and these get scored and used to give model diagnostics. The start of a predictions might look like:


Check how the file is being created. It could even be that the file is being written to continuously and it only stopped when it reached a file size limit and your script bailed out.

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Thank you for taking the time out to explain .There was a issue with my understanding and logic on file generation .It is now corrected