[Vote] Domain Name for Marketplace Because Why Not

Highest voted / liked will become the new domain name for the marketplace, subject to availability. Will make the final call on July 24 :slight_smile:

  • numerbay.ai
  • numerhub.ai
  • numerbay.io
  • numerhub.io
  • onlypredictions.lol
  • onlypredictions.xxx
  • … [Add yours in comments]

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lmao added to the poll, it’s available, a bit expensive

steakmanagement dot whatever is cheapest

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i have a suggestion : endhedgefunds.com
also could be CoE domain or whatever

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alphabay.ai is currently available as well. Last-minute entry into the horse race?

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@objectscience Too late my friend, I was just about to post an early call :slight_smile: The numerbay.ai order is literally processing right now :laughing:

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Numerbay.ai is the clear winner, I’m making an early call due to lack of new responses so I can have a domain name to work and test with. Sorry @objectscience :frowning:

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lol, no worries.

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Does it?

Does it not? :sweat_smile:

Body is too short (minimum is 20 characters)

How are you doing this lol



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