Why NMR price jump?

Out of curiosity, does anybody know what caused the huge spike in NMR price today?

Would also like to know. Some entity bought a considerable amount of NMR seemingly at any price over the past hours.

Probably the news of the new fund “Numerai Supreme” was released yesterday. Can’t say for sure if it was that. Also, crypto is crypto. Who knows why these things pump?

Where is that news? What is the difference between Numerai Supreme and current Numerai Hedge Fund?

Check the Numeraire channel on Rocketchat for a few days ago: Numerai Community

See page ~84 here too: [EXTERNAL] NumerCon 2022 - Google Slides

Also SEC filing for new fund: https://sec.report/Document/0001932978-22-000001/

Richard did a presentation of the new fund during Numercon. Check the Numerai youtube channel for those videos. I think he discusses the Numerai Supreme fund in one of those videos, but I’m not sure which one.

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Here is the video NumerCon, Part III: Money - YouTube