Price Jump today?

Is there some news that I am not aware of? I only know to look on this forum occasionally… Thanks

Looks like some big buyer spent +$100M USD

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Seems unusually risky for that big buyer

I think the word you were looking for is “prescient”.

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May be somewhat related?


Market went crazy. It’s like someone has a huge buy order up to $33/coin. I got lucky, but now I’m just waiting for the price to go back down so I can participate in this tournament.

It’s bittersweet… unless the price goes back down to $20, then it’s sweet. But this is honestly stupid to look at the price every 5 hours…

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Well, we finally broke the 500 days long resistance against BTC. Will the trend change?
I hope yes.

Ofcourse the best would be this:


Sooo… anyone have a clue why the NMR price jumped from $25 to $30 this morning? I was hoping to get another $10,000 in depressed prices and then this happens. :confused:

NMR is very spiky, I would guess that traders like to take advantage of it. EDIT: or it could be because of: [Announcement] New Uniswap v3 pool for DEX traders

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Swapping NMR for WETH used to create a new DEX pool actually can put downward price pressure. We the CoE had decided this was a perfect time to execute on the upward price pressure.

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Thank you for the explanation, is there a reference somewhere on this? Would be curious to read to understand

Another way we avoided any significant price impact was breaking up the large swaps into smaller chunks

Thank you for the info. I really don’t understand what is happening, but I’ll just read/think about it more. I appreciate the help

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