[Withdrawn] Degerhan EodHistorical Retroactive Bounty

Overview: @degerhan has built an open-source solution for Signals that blends EOD Historical and Yahoo Finance data. As noted in the original post, EOD has several benefits:

  • Excellent ticker coverage
  • Data on delisted stocks
  • Split and dividend-adjusted prices
  • High API calls
  • Reasonable pricing

The current project includes:

  • Mapping for over 13k tickers
  • A downloader that utilizes both EOD and Yahoo

Since this proposal benefits most Signal users, it includes no poll; requesting CoE consideration at their earliest convenience for retroactive payment.


I know there’s no poll, but I’d like to voice my support for this.

I believe retroactive funding incentivizes valuable contribution to the community and builds trust. I’d like to see more of this.

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Withdrawing proposal per @degerhan request.