[Community Input] CoE Term Length

The CoE has asked the community for input on term length for members.
Please include any thoughts and questions you have.

  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months

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I’ll leave this open until the end of July so we all have time to comment and discuss prior to voting.


Before I vote, I would like to hear from any of the EoC that want to comment on their comfort zone for participating and any questions or concerns they have about the proposed term lengths.

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Personally I would prefer longer terms (e.g 24 months) with term limits (e.g can only serve max 2 terms).

Also, I’m assuming EoC == CoE?

LOL, fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

This is a great initiative, @objectscience! Checks and balances are vital for integrity of the council and its members. I personally want to get this ratified ASAP, after the poll closes. Although, I can’t vote on this poll, as a current member of the council.

Also agree with the term limit part @iceshark’s proposal. Perhaps something along the lines of: A council member cannot serve more than 2 consecutive terms.

@jrb I’ll add a term limit poll and close it at the same time so you can address both as soon as possible.

Bump for visibility. Poll closes 7-30-2021