How can we access recordings of the historic Fireside chats?

I see that the only public Fireside chat recording on YouTube is Q4 2020. I also discovered yesterday the Q1 2021 recording as wigglemuse had posted a timestamp of it here:

I was just wondering, is there a historic catalog of Fireside chat recordings we can access?

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Was a mystery to me, too! There is a youtube playlist, but you will not find it when searching within youtube or even within Numerai’s youtube account. Apparently because it is “unlisted”. But you can go here:

and click “save playlist” so that it will appear in your youtube library.


Thanks for adding the link here. They also announce them in “Announcements” on RocketChat when new ones are uploaded. If any new users read this post in the future I’d recommend joining, RocketChat has lots of announcements that don’t end up in the forum