Payout potential issue


I’m writing on the forum as I can’t reconcile the payouts that I see on the dashboard with the ones that I see on my wallet.
For example, for round 685, just resolved my models should have earned a total of 2.69 NMR (see screenshot below).


However, if I check on the wallet page, I see the payout only for one model (sirbradflies_10) but nothing related to the other 3 (see screenshot below).

Am I missing something? All models have enabled the take profit option so I can’t explain why only one model seems to be earning the reported NMR.

Thank you

1 NMR minimum to get a payout. And that is per model, per round. Been kind of a problem since they switched to daily rounds as it is now pretty hard to get a payout if you aren’t staking at least 100NMR or so as you are finding out. I’ve suggested several times that maybe they could aggregate that weekly or something, but so far no action on that front…

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Thanks for clarifying, I had completely missed that.

Does it mean that the payouts accrue by model in until they reach at least 1 NMR or they are lost? Does it work in the same way also for the burns? Otherwise it wouldn’t be symmetric right?


They are never lost, your stake will just build up (i.e. compounding if you’re earning). But the only way to withdraw is to unstake some portion and wait a month for it. (And you can’t have more than one unstaking pending per model.) This is the sort of thing we’ve been asking for…for years.

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I see. Basically the take-profit option works only when payouts are >1 NMR.
Annoying but not terrible. I may have to reconsider may staking concentration then.

Thanks a lot for the info!

It was set up when we had weekly rounds (which paid 5x higher) and then never adjusted when we switched to dailies, so basically it is no longer a thing for any small staker.