Numercon and You

Numercon, April 1, San Francisco

Are you going?


Wow, everybody is super-pumped about this Numerai Conference, eh?

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I’d love to come to Numercon! But the cost of travelling is beyond the limits of my hard budgeting, in all honesty. I have read the very generous initiative of the Council of Elders, following the proposal of Degerhan, to provide need-based travel stipends and I am/was tempted to apply. But the requirement is “is that the person is active in the community” which, again, in all honesty, is not much my case - introverts are like that.

As far as I can see, it is not exactly possible to attend from remote - only footage can be requested (I already did). Anyway, I’m happy to see the conference even offline.


I will defiantly be in attendance

@eleele I would suggest to apply anyway because all applications will be reviewed. There are other ways to be “active” without chatting it up everyday in the forums or rocketchat.


Highly considering this. Is there any more information available about this though? For instance, a good place to start might be what is supposed to happen there? Is it just a networking event for the Numerati to get to know each other as well as the Numerai team? Or is there something else that is supposed to happen? It would make it easier to buy a plane ticket if I knew what I was signing up for, you know?

is there any zoom bridge we can participate remotely ?

Indeed super pumped to go! Looking forward to meet people from the Numerai community and team in person.

Bit trickier for me as a cat to cross the Atlantic, but at least I already reserved a ticket! :upside_down_face:

Well, I don’t see anybody officially announced but I’m guessing they’ll have some special guests at the event. And there will certainly be networking. Sounds like nj (@zizek) is organizing some more casual hangouts as well in the couple days prior to the main event.

  • re zoom @autratec , we’re visiting the venue again soon to run some speed and connectivity tests but the idea is yes, we will livestream the event or at least part of it. As before, recordings will be available at our YouTube not too long after.

  • re agenda, the eventbrite has been lightly updated to refer to our master plan which was published in 2017 and is still our northern light. Run of show will use the master plan as a skeleton.

  • “and friends” per the event description certainly refers to the broader(crypto) and nuclear (tournaments) communities, but also to Numerai’s investors and advisors who are also invited to attend. While we are still finalizing run of show (and covid is a factor for some) I can confirm our long-time investor and advisor Joey Krug, who we connected with in early 2016, will be on stage a long with a few others (last time we had Joel Monegro and Marcos Lopez de Prado on stage).
    In the coming weeks we will announce more on twitter as things are finalized.

I think #events on Rocketchat may be a better place to discuss; I’m not super active at the forum:) but the right person to talk to re conference and other mixers / meet-ups that week :dove:


I’m starting to plan the tour, just signed up. I have never been to SF so it will be a tourist tour as well. I will be there from March 24 to April 2. So let me know if there is an event coming up before April 1.

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Cool! Send a DM to nj on rocketchat and tell her when you’re gonna be there – she’ll keep you in the loop on other meetups in the couple days before the event.

Very good to hear, that sounds good, I will do that.
But before I start booking something:

Are there any considerations to postpone the conference due to the recent developments in Russia’s Ukraine war? A number of participants, especially from Russia and Ukraine will not be able to attend. I think people from neighbouring coutries like estland, lettland, litauen, poland, hungary will feel queasy at the thought of leaving the family alone. Even I (living in Munich/Germany) rethink my plans because of Putins announcement today to put his nuclear arsenal in increased readiness.

I booked my trip! I’ll be there for several days so hopefully some of you will be around.

I am in. esta approved, flight is booked. I will be in SF from march 24th to april 2nd.


yeah, just no way i can get there though :slightly_frowning_face: