Around the World with Numerati: Project Hanami (aka Tokyo meetup)

Hey fam, we have decided to host the next Numerai CoE sponsored meetup in Tokyo (yeaaaah!!!) It will be a one-day event in early April, hence the name Project Hanami (花見, “flower viewing”) :cherry_blossom:

Fam, especially my fellow Numerati who live in Japan, I need your help to make this Tokyo meetup another memorable event after London and New York! Please see below:

  • Talk proposal. It can be anything about Numerai or general data science. Please reply below or DM me (Rocket Chat: ia_ai_Joe) if you are interested in giving a talk.
  • Venues (or specific areas in Tokyo) recommendation. Again, please reply below or DM me.
  • Show me your availability (see the poll below).

ICYMI, here are the materials from the previous events: GitHub - councilofelders/meetups: Materials from CoE sponsored meetups

Help me pick the best date(s) for the Tokyo meetup in early April.
  • 2023-04-01 Sat
  • 2023-04-02 Sun
  • 2023-04-08 Sat
  • 2023-04-09 Sun

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Cool idea! Let’s make it happen:)

I can suggest some potential venues if I can know roughly how many people will be joining. Also wondering if we need a translator.

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Thanks, @katsu1110. Do you remember how many people attended the Tokyo meetup last year? Since I am planning a full-day event (9am to 5pm), I will probably go for venues with good catering options (i.e. breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch). Please let me know if you already have some good venues in mind. We will have a better idea of the headcount in the coming days.

We had some meetups in Tokyo last year. The number of people in those events varies between 9 ~ 40, I remembered.

Maybe somewhere around Tokyo sky tree or Tokyo station would be a good choice.


Cool, thanks again! I will start looking at venues in those areas.


Hi again :wave:

I believe that some of you attended this Tokyo meetup back in 2021 - Numerai Meetup JAPAN2021 - connpass

Do you remember the location of the venue? I am still exploring different options for our next meetup on 8 April. Please let me know if you have any contact info of this venue (or any other good venues).