Provide Tournament API endpoint results as downloadable files

Hi Team,

Would it be possible to provide Tournament API results as CSV (or parquet) export files on a regular basis, preferably like once a week or even better once a day. The exports would be similar to what already happens with the weekly training and tournament files which are provided as AWS links.

The reason for this feature request is that the V3Userprofile (with dailymodelperformances and roundmodelperformances included) can only be retrieved per model instead of a complete list.

At the moment I am working on a dashboard which will provide new insights to users about the tournament performance including other users and aggregated results. For now I am just using the endpoints to retrieve every user but providing those export files will definitely make it easier to refresh data. I guess this feature request also applies to other teams/users who have dashboards/reports so it could be nice addition.

@slyfox is this request visible for the team? I am now wondering if I didnt make my question clear enough :blush: