R Download and Submit Super Massive Data

For any R users not on the #cran channel in RocketChat, I have posted updated functionality to the Rnumerai routines for downloading and submitting both the legacy and new datasets.

The data downloading updates can be found here:

The submission updates can be found here:

Please suggest any improvements or report any issues, thanks!

EDIT: diagnostics upload now available
EDIT (9/29): old_data_new_val.parquet download added and source added to submissions


@of_s Thanks for unblocking all our fellow R users in the community, on being able to use the new super massive dataset. The Council of Elders has awarded you a 10 NMR discretionary retroactive bounty for your work on this. Keep it coming!


Thanks CoE, I hope more R users participate!

The popularity of this post made me realize that I should post the fast R yahoo finance data download routine as well as the transformation from long to wide for Signals, which I did here (previously tucked away in the #cran channel in RC):


Hi thanks for doing this. I’m still getting the error: “Error in handle_url(handle, url, …) : Must specify at least one of url or handle”. don’t know what’s going on…

Hi @javibear, there’s a couple of possibilities: libraries httr and lubridate need to be installed, and the correct model_id parameter needs to be used in submit_predictions().

You can view your model_id from the get_models() call or alternatively view each ID via https://numer.ai/models .

LMK if any of these solutions work! Also, you can follow the discussions on the #cran channel in RC here.

@of_s no luck. re-installed httr,lubridate. Still getting the error. by the way, I’m getting this message on download_data(). This started to happen just all of a sudden about 4 weeks ago, even before the super massive data intro.

@javibear And you are using this download_data() version (https://github.com/Omni-Analytics-Group/Rnumerai/issues/35) saved locally after loading Rnumerai?

@of_s my reply in rc:
2:29 PM
yes, did all those. tried writing the function directly onto the main script but no luck as well. from the error, it seems to functionally working and then it hits a walll or something. Downloading Data...numerai_live_data_int8.parquet Error in handle_url(handle, url, ...) : Must specify at least one of url or handle

Just in case someone else runs into similar issue, having the latest version of Rnumerai (>=2.1.3) installed resolved this as noted in RC:


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