R yahoo! Finance Download for Signals Universe

I had shared this download routine in RocketChat but figured it should be shared here as well. The resulting Signals_data list is in long format, so depending on your preferences, you can convert it to a data.frame of returns (and volumes).

Whole process takes < 10 min on 7 cores.

first.date <- Sys.Date()-365
last.date <- Sys.Date()

map <- read.csv('https://numerai-signals-public-data.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/signals_ticker_map_w_bbg.csv')
# Used to have missing symbols in the yahoo map
map <- map[-which(map$yahoo==""),]

start.time <- Sys.time()

future::plan(future::multisession, workers = floor(parallel::detectCores()-1))

Signals_data <- BatchGetSymbols(tickers = map$yahoo,
                                first.date = first.date,
                                last.date = last.date, 
                                do.parallel = TRUE)

print(Sys.time() - start.time)

# Reshape returns from long to wide
Returns <- reshape2::dcast(data.frame(Signals_data$df.tickers[,7:9]), ref.date~ticker , value.var = "ret.adjusted.prices",fun.aggregate = sum)
rownames(Returns) <- Returns[,1]
Returns <- Returns[,-1]

# Reshape volume from long to wide
Volume <- reshape2::dcast(Signals_data$df.tickers[,c(5,7,8)], ref.date~ticker , value.var = "volume",fun.aggregate = sum)
rownames(Volume) <- Volume[,1]
Volume <- Volume[,-1]
colnames(Volume) <- colnames(Returns)

Hey - I might be doing something wrong but I can’t get BackGetSymbols to be assigned to Signals_data. I think it’s due to this error: Error: Can't combine …1$price.open<double> and…1910$price.open <character>.

Here’s what I’m doing:

Signals_data <- BatchGetSymbols(tickers = map$yahoo,
                                first.date = first.date,
                                last.date = last.date, 
                                do.parallel = TRUE)

It results in this:

< get a ton of 'looking good' messages >
TNK | yahoo (5197|5197) | Found cache file - Got 100% of valid prices | Nice!Error: Can't combine `..1$price.open` <double> and `..1910$price.open` <character>.
Run `rlang::last_error()` to see where the error occurred.

Then I run the two error commands to get more details and I see:

> rlang::last_error()
Can't combine `..1$price.open` <double> and `..1910$price.open` <character>.
 1. BatchGetSymbols::BatchGetSymbols(...)
 2. dplyr::bind_rows(purrr::map(my.l, 1))
 3. vctrs::vec_rbind(!!!dots, .names_to = .id)
 5. vctrs::vec_default_ptype2(...)
 6. vctrs::stop_incompatible_type(...)
 7. vctrs:::stop_incompatible(...)
 8. vctrs:::stop_vctrs(...)
Run `rlang::last_trace()` to see the full context.
> rlang::last_trace()
Can't combine `..1$price.open` <double> and `..1910$price.open` <character>.
 1. └─BatchGetSymbols::BatchGetSymbols(...)
 2.   └─dplyr::bind_rows(purrr::map(my.l, 1))
 3.     └─vctrs::vec_rbind(!!!dots, .names_to = .id)
 4.       └─(function () ...
 5.         └─vctrs::vec_default_ptype2(...)
 6.           └─vctrs::stop_incompatible_type(...)
 7.             └─vctrs:::stop_incompatible(...)
 8.               └─vctrs:::stop_vctrs(...)

Have you hit this error before where it seems like price.open is being returned as a double and a character? Any idea how to avoid this error?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! I just ran it without error and my number of symbols was 5288, ultimately resulting in 5176 complete returns. I’m not sure where the discrepancy lies except for the map <- download from Numer.ai…

Downloading messages I received:

Resulting Returns and Volume data.frames:

Hey - Thanks for your response! Let me poke around on my side and I’ll see if I can 1) figure it out or 2) come up with a reproducible example. Thanks for creating the package as I hope to use it once I get it working! :slight_smile:

YW! Also, I typically break down the downloads into US and Foreign tickers so it’s easier to spot issues.

Good news! After I updated all of my R packages, the error went away, and I now have it working. :+1:

My only “nit” is that the file runs every time that I save it. I suspect that the source function gets called because of the:

future::plan(future::multisession, workers = floor(parallel::detectCores()-1))

line but I was too lazy to poke into it. I figured that once my script was good (aka working and scheduled with cron), I wouldn’t need to worry about saving it and having it run. Thanks again for posting this in the forum!

That’s great news!

BTW, you may have “Source on Save” enabled

I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy! :wink: That fixed it. Thanks again!

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