Scam on discord server

This morning a suspicious message appeared in the “announcements” discord channel:

It was posted by @surajp so i assume that the account was taken over by someone else. I tried to write a question in the general channel about this, but as soon as the scammer saw that i was writing, i immediately got a timeout for 7 days fot the whole server:

I assume this is because the associated account has elevated permissions on the whole server so they can ban and timeout whoever they like.

While the scam is relatively obvious, its still a bit concerning how this one user took over the whole discord server and seemingly nothing is done about it and there is now no way for anyone to alert the rest of the users via the server itself.


Reported for phishing and blocked.

got timed out myself - can we do something about the server? to warn others?

Hi all, thanks for reporting this. We’ve now cleaned up the offending account and everything should be back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi, I am so sorry for all the trouble. I feel really bad for this. It was very irresponsible from my side.

I am looking into what happened overnight and have taken security measures on Discord. I am looking into what happened.

Again, so sorry everyone,

Don’t worry @surajp, i didnt create the post to blame you, but mainly to warn others and maybe also question the server role setup.
Accounts getting taken over for scams is probably something we have to expect by now, especially in the crypto-affiliated world.
I would also advise the numerai team to at least try to claw all domains that somehow look like
Nobody will fall for but e.g., like it has been in this case, is a bit more dangerous.

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don’t sweat it @surajp, it happens to the best of us. I got scammed last year, thankfully was just my steam account :joy:

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