Signals Data Engineering Workflow

I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to share how they have setup their data engineering and automation for submitting to Signals.

I am already struggling with the most basic first step, i.e,:

  • pricing data ETL: on a weekly scheduled basis grab pricing for Signals universe from some provider endpoint from, say, t-10 years to t and push to some storage bucket

I do not want to manage any VMs so am trying to do this in a serverless way. I have tried GCP Cloud Functions which is almost perfect, except the runtime is limited to 9 minutes and it takes about 40 minutes to grab pricing for the full universe. I have another data job which takes 4hrs.

How is everyone doing this? This is a common data engineering step that we all need to do.

One possibility is to download daily in daily or weekly chunks, and record progress to a file or Firestore document. Alternatively, if you must download all at once, create a function to trigger an AI Training Platform job.

There was a medium article about how AI Training Platform was poorly named. It can actually be used to for any long running job. I think the smallest machine size is n1-standard-4, though. So, it’s not the cheapest.

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