Stake Management: Earnings

New feature
Starting in round 270, you will have the option to direct earnings into your wallet after the round resolves, otherwise known as “taking profit”. The default option of compounding earnings into your stake remains available.

You can now configure your earnings selection in the “change payouts” tab of the staking modal. Just like the CORR and MMC payout multipliers, this configuration must be set before the staking deadline (Monday 14:30 UTC) for it to apply to the current round.

Minimal stake management
The goal of stake management is to give you better control over your stake amount and allow you to move NMR between stakes more easily. This is important because Numerai relies on your stake to discern your true confidence in your model.

We have heard a lot of great feedback and feature requests on this topic and we have a lot of ideas on how we can make this happen. We see this small feature addition as the beginning of our efforts to work towards better stake management.

We hope you like it.