Teaming up offer for new model building

TL,DR; if you too would benefit from the motivation teamwork brings, drop a line and we’ll collaborate.

Hello community,

I am currently developing some models for v4 data. The hardest part for me is not the ideation or the coding, but making the time for this in my week. Most of my friends can not stand working outside their main activity, which is why I’m doing this alone. I would be undoubtedly more motivated and invested if it were team-work.

My time-zone is CET. I do not plan to share my or piggyback on your current models, but to build new ones together. I don’t put that much money on this (<2k). I’m an electrical engineer with 3+ years of research experience on applied ML. I also speak spanish, portuguese and french.

I don’t have strong requirements, only for you to be agreeable and also time-invested.

Have a good day :hugs:


Sure sounds interesting. Would be up for teaming up.
Would also like to develop some new models. I was thinking for my next generation of models I would do research into Graph Neural Networks models, or somekind of diffusion based model, if that sounds interesting to you, write me a pm.

Kind Regards