V4/train.parquet changed from 311 to 312?

Hi, as far as I understand, v4/train.parquet should not change along the weeks but today I observed some differences between v4/train.parquet downloaded one week ago with respect to the one downloaded today. The md5sums are:

  00b6c902c6c01aa9b93928509f0a7d70  311/train.parquet
  5e6b4f650354d5de0b274d983ef4c76a  312/train.parquet

Is there a reason?


The new file has fewer lines:

8896499 v4_311/train.parquet
8879285 v4_312/train.parquet

and reading any file from previous week gives error:

OSError: Could not open Parquet input source '<Buffer>': Couldn't deserialize thrift: TProtocolException: Invalid data

looks like napi.download_dataset() function left them corrupted.

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So a bug in numerapi? It is a bit unexpected given the substantial amount of users for that basic function…

Anyway, thanks!