When to start staking


i uploaded my predictions for the current round 209 - but i know that this round will be resolved later. So when should i stake? Right now or when the round resolves?

What happens if i stake and have not uploaded predictions for the running round? Will the NMR be burned?

Short answer is stake now. The deadline for “on-time” uploads (staking eligble) is Monday morning (USA). Scores for new rounds start showing up on Thursday – you can stake on that round up until then (so the safe deadline is Wednesday, but you can get in a stake early Thursday I think). Even if you stake right now, you can adjust it until then and then it is locked in for the 4 weeks until round resolution.

If you haven’t uploaded anything, I don’t think you can stake. And you won’t burn for missing a round.

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Thanks for the answer - then i will start staking now :wink: