Around the World with Numerati: Project Europa

Hey fam, we had a great time meeting the Japanese community in Tokyo a few weeks ago. Let’s keep the momentum going and schedule the next meetup (codename: Project Europa :eu:)!

As usual, I need some feedback from you all.

First, please vote for a date in early July (note: you can choose up to four options)

  • Saturday 2023-07-01
  • Sunday 2023-07-02
  • Saturday 2023-07-08
  • Sunday 2023-07-09

0 voters

Next, please choose up to two regions from the following five options (note: yes, I know there are some overlaps. See this for more info. Do choose the two regions that work for you.)

  • Central Europe (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary …)
  • Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary …)
  • Western Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France …)
  • Northern Europe (Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland …)
  • Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece …)

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Once I have received some initial feedback, I will discuss this with the CoE and start looking at possible options that work for most of you.


:loudspeaker: Exciting news, friends! :earth_africa: Our global @numerai #meetup series continues, and this time we’re heading to #Prague

:tickets: Grab your free ticket → Numerai Community Prague Meetup Tickets, Sat 8 Jul 2023 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

:microphone: If you’re interested in sharing your experience, sign up to give a talk →

BTW, the venue (Institue of Cryptoanarchy) is a cool place for crypto bros :laughing: with a Bitcoin-only cafe in the same building.

See you there!


ICYMI, all the materials from the Prague meetup are now on GitHub

Thanks all for joining us in Prague!